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Underwater and Maritime Archaeology

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Coastal Archaeology

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The Lost Ships of Guadalcanal: Exploring the Ghost Fleet of the South Pacific

Coastal and Maritime Archaeology

Nautical Archaeology

Maritime Archaeology

Archaeology Underwater: The Nas Guide to Principles and Practice

Archaeology Underwater: An Atlas of the World's Submerged Sites

Royal Captain: A Ship Lost in the Abyss

International Handbook of Underwater Archaeology

Secrets of the Bible Seas: An Underwater Archaeologist in the Holy Land

Submerged Cultural Resource Management: Preserving and Interpreting Our Sunken Maritime Heritage

The Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage: Before and After the 2001 UNESCO Convention

The Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage: An Emerging Objective of the Contemporary Law of the Sea

The Western River Steamboat (Studies in Nautical Archaeology, No. 8)

Underwater Dig: Introduction to Marine Archaeology

Underwater Dig: The Excavation of a Revolutionary War Privateer

A History of Seafaring: Based on Underwater Archaeology

The Great Ship Vasa

How We Found the Mary Rose

King Henry VIII's Mary Rose

The Last Voyage of El Nuevo Constante: The Wreck and Recovery of an Eighteenth-Century Spanish Ship Off the Louisiana Coast

Shipwrecks and Archaeology: The Unharvested Sea

Archaeology Beneath the Sea

Alexandria: The Sunken City

Shipwrecks of Isle Royale National Park: The Archeological Survey

Yassi Ada: A Seventh-Century Byzantine Shipwreck

Archaeology Underwater

Introducing Underwater Archaeology

The Lure of Sunken Treasure: Under the Sea With Marine Archaeologists and Treasure Hunters

The Sea Remembers: Shipwrecks and Archaeology: From Homer's Greece to the Rediscovery of the Titanic

Tarquin's ship : the Etruscan wreck in Campese Bay

La grotte Cosquer : plongée dans la préhistoire

The Persistence of Sail in the Age of Steam: Underwater Archaeological Evidence from the Dry Tortugas

Wooden Ship Building and the Interpretation of Shipwrecks

The Material Culture of Steamboat Passengers - Archaeological Evidence from the Missouri River

The Athlit Ram (The Nautical Archaeology Series, No 3)

HMS Colossus: the story of the salvage of the Hamilton treasures

Vancouver's undersea heritage : shipwrecks and submerged cultural sites in Burrard Inlet and Howe Sound

For Future Generations: Conservation of a Tudor Maritime Collection (The Archaeology of the Mary Rose, 5)

Paleoshores and Prehistory: An Investigation of Method

Archaeology and Coastal Landscapes

Stabilisation of coastal archaeological sites in Victoria

Archaeology of Coastal Changes

Quaternary Coastlines and Marine Archaeology: Towards the Prehistory of Land Bridges and Continental Shelves

Underwater Archaeology Books



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