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Tools and Materials

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Stone Bone, Tooth, and Antler Metal


Books from

Early Hunting Tools

Stone Tools: Theoretical Insights into Human Prehistory

Lithic Analysis: The Study of Stone Tools and Assemblages

Lithic Analysis (Manuals in Archaeological Method, Theory, and Technique)

Alternative Approaches to Lithic Analysis: Proceedings of the University of Tulsa Conference on Lithic Analysis

Lithic Debitage: Context, Form, Meaning

Ground Stone Analysis: A Technological Approach

Multiple Approaches to the Study of Bifacial Technologies

An Introduction to the Study & Analysis of Flaked Stone Artifacts & Lithic Technology

Experimental Determination of Stone Tool Uses: A Microwear Analysis

The Fenn Cache: Clovis Weapons and Tools

A Field Guide to Stone Artifacts of Texas Indians

Arrowheads and Spear Points in the Prehistoric Southeast: A Guide to Understanding Cultural Artifacts

Mousterian Lithic Technology

Stone Vessels of the Cyclades in the Early Bronze Age

Time, Energy and Stone Tools

Indian Flints of Ohio

Flint Tools and Plant Working: Hidden Traces of Stone Age Technology

From Stone to Bronze: The Metalwork of the Late Neolithicand Earliest Bronze Age in Denmark

Stone Tools and Mobility in the Illinois Valley: From Hunter-Gatherer Camps to Agricultural Villages

Pathways to Prismatic Blades: A Study in Mesoamerican Obsidian Core-Blade Technology

Mesoamerican Lithic Technology: Experimentation and Interpretation

Maya Ceremonial Specialization: Lithic Tools from the Sacred Cenote at Chichen Itza, Yucatan

Maya Stone Tools of Dzibilchaltun, Yucatan, and Becan and Chicanna, Campeche

Traces on Tropical Tools: A Functional Study of Chert Artefacts from Preceramic Sties in Colombia

Early Archaic Indian Points and Knives

Archaeological Obsidian Studies: Method and Theory (Advances in Archaeological and Museum Science, Vol 3)

Batza Tena: Trail to Obsidian: Archaeology at an Alaskan Osidian Source

The Acconia Survey: Neolithic Settlement and the Obsidian Trade

Lower and Middle Paleolithic Artefacts from Deposits Mapped as Clay-with-Flints

The Big Black Site: A Folsom Complex Workshop in the Knife River Flint Quarry Area, North Dakota

Folsom Tools and Technology at the Hanson Site, Wyoming

The Archaeology of the Bobtail Wolf Site: Folsom Occupation of the Knife River Flint Quarry Area, North Dakota

Natufian Chipped Lithic

Lithic Technology in the Middle Potomac River Valley of Maryland and Virginia

Hand Tools
Hand Tools
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