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Monuments and Mummies

Writing, Heiroglyphs, and Papyrology

Books from

Holocene Settlement of the Egyptian Sahara: The Archaeology of Nabta Playa

A Bibliography of the Amarna Period and Its Aftermath: The Reigns of Akhenaten, Smenkhkare, Tutankhamun and Ay

Reports from the Survey of the Dakhleh Oasis Western Desert of Egypt

Excavations at Tell El-Balamun 1999-2001

The Ramesseum and the Tomb of Ptah-Hetep

Ramesside Inscriptions, Translations: Merenptah and the Late Nineteenth Dynasty

Ramesside Inscriptions: Ramesses II, His Contemporaries (Ramesside Inscriptions, Translations, Vol III)

Thebes in Egypt: A Guide to the Tombs and Temples of Ancient Luxor

The Monuments of Egypt and Nubia

The Oasis Papers III: Proceedings of the Third International Conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Project

The Late Bronze Egyptian Garrison at Beth Shan: A Study of Levels VII and VIII

Stranger in the Valley of the Kings: Solving the Mystery of an Ancient Egyptian Mummy

Akhenaten: King of Egypt

Akhenaten's Sed-Festival at Karnak (Studies in Egyptology)

Ancient Nubia: Egypt's Rival in Africa

Egyptology at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century: Proceedings of the Eighth International Congress of Egyptologists Cairo, 2000

Vernacular Mudbrick Architecture in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt: And the Design of the Dakhleh Oasis Training and Archaeological Conservation Centre

Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

You Can Be a Woman Egyptologist (Careers in Archaeology, Part 1)

The Osireion at Abypos

The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus: An Ancient Egyptian Text

The Tomb of the Vizier

The Theban Necropolis: Past, Present and Future

Oriental Institute Hawara Papyri: Demotic and Greek Texts from an Egyptian Family Archive in the Fayum

Royal Mummies in the Egyptian Museum

The Boat Beneath the Pyramid

Women of Jeme: Lives in a Coptic Town in Late Antique Egypt

Ancient Naukratis: Excavations at a Greek Emporium in Egypt

Systematische Bibliographie Der Hethitologie 1915-1995, Zusammengestellt Unter Einschluss Der Einschlagigen Rezensionen (Handbook of Oriental Studies/Handbuch Der Orientalistik)

Saqqara Mastabas Part I

The Elephantine Papyri in English: Three Millennia of Cross-Cultural Continuity and Change

Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, 1991

Scholars, Scoundrels and the Sphinx: An Photographic and Archaeological Adventure Up the Nile

Fustat Finds: Beads, Coins, Medical Instruments, Textiles, and Other Artifacts from the Awad Collection

El Arabah: A Cemetery of the Middle Kingdom

Scarabs, Scaraboids, Seals, and Seal Impressions from Medinet Habu

Excavations at Coptos (Qift) in Upper Egypt

Excavations Between Abu Simbel and Sudan

Excavations at Saqqara: North-West of Teti's Pyramid

Excavations at el-Ashmunein

Excavations at Tall Jawa, Jordan: The Iron Age Artefacts

The Teti Cemetery at Saqqara: The Tombs of Shepsipuptah, Mereri (Merinebti), Hefi and Others

Heka-Nefer and the Dynastic Material (Egyptology: The Pennsylvania-Yale Expedition to Egypt)

Slab Stelae of the Giza Necropolis (Publications of the Pennsylvania-Yale Expedition to Egypt, 7)

The Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Statues, Reliefs and Paintings I: The Theban Necropolis Royal Tombs and Smaller Cemeteries

Marsa Matruh I: The Excavation

Ballas (Egyptian Research Account, 1)

Egypt During the Last Interglacial: The Middle Paleolithic of Bir Tarfawi and Bir Sahara East

The Tomb of Tuthmosis III's Foreign Wives

Egypt's Making: The Origins of Ancient Egypt, 5000-2000 B.C.

Experiments in Egyptian Archaeology: Stoneworking Technology in Ancient Egypt

Corpus of Reliefs of the New Kingdom from the Memphite Necropolis and Lower Egypt

Problems and Priorities in Egyptian Archaeology

Tombs at Giza: Seshathetep/Heti (G5150), Nesutnefer (G4970) and Seshemnefer II

British Museum Expedition to Middle Egypt - Excavations at El-Ashmunein: Buildings of the Roman Empire: Hermopolis Magna

Egyptian Phyles in the Old Kingdom: The Evolution of a System of Social Organization

In Search of the Woman Pharaoh Hatshepsut

Five Years' Explorations at Thebes

Aspects of the Military Documents of the Ancient Egyptians

Egypt and the Levant: Interrelations from the 4th Through the Early 3rd Millennium B.C.E.

The Monuments of Senenmut: Problems in Historical Methodology

The Tombs of Amenhotep, Khnummose and Amenmose at Thebes, Nos 294, 253 and 254

The Rock Tombs of El-Hawawish: The Cemetery of Akhmim

Quseir El-Amarna: The Tombs of Pepy-Ankh and Khewen-Wekh

Temple of Khonsu: Scenes of King Herihor in the Court With Translations of Texts

Temple of Khonsu: Scenes and Inscriptions in the Court and the First Hypostyle Hall

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt
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Pop-Up Ancient Egypt
Pop-Up Ancient Egypt
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The Egyptians
The Egyptians
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