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Books from

L'Agronomie De La Mesopotamie Antique: Analyse Du "Livre De L'Agriculture Nabateenne" De Qutama

Excavations at Tell Brak 4: Exploring an Upper Mesopotamian Regional Centre

The House of the Father As Fact and Symbol: Patrimonialism in Ugarit and the Ancient Near East

Earliest Land Tenure Systems in the Near East: Ancient Kudurrus

Fifty Years of Mesopotamian Discovery: The Work of the British School of Archaeology in Iraq

Economic Texts from Sumer

From Sumer to Meluhha: Contributions to the Archaeology of South and West Asia

Writing in Sumer: The Invention of Cuneiform

A Manual of Sumerian Grammar and Texts

A Grammar of Akkadian

Household and State in Upper Mesopotamia: Specialized Economy and the Social Uses of Goods in an Early Complex Society

In the Land of Ur; The Discovery of Ancient Mesopotamia

The Archaeology of Mesopotamia: From the Old Stone Age to the Persian Conquest

Cuneiform Mathematical Texts As a Reflection of Everyday Life in Mesopotamia


Assyrian Rulers of the Early First Millennium B.C.: II (858-745 Bc) (Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia, Assyrian Periods, Vol 3)

Sargonic and Gutian Periods (Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia, Early Periods, Vol 2)

Rulers of Babylonia: From the Second Dynasty of Isin to the End of Assyrian Domination (Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia Babylonian P)

Rethinking World-Systems: Diasporas, Colonies, and Interaction in Uruk Mesopotamia

Return to Babylon: Travelers, Archaeologists, and Monuments in Mesopotamia

The Paleolithic Prehistory of the Zagros-Taurus

The Sumerians
The Sumerians
17 in. x 22 in.
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The Persians
The Persians
17 in. x 22 in.
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