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The Levant

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Israel and Palestine



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Ancient Sites in Galilee: A Toponymic Gazetteer

Idols of the People: Miniature Images of Clay in the Ancient Near East

The Roads and Highways of Ancient Israel

Archaeology, History and Culture in Palestine and the Near East

Late Bronze Palestinian Pendants: Innovation in a Cosmopolitan Age

Jerusalem Ceramic Chronology: Circa 200-800 CE

Benchmarks in Time and Culture: An Introduction to Palestinian Archaeology

Terracotta Figurines and Plaques from Dura-Europus

The Discovery of Dura-Europos

Neanderthals in the Levant: Behavioral Organization and the Beginnings of Human Modernity

An Early Neolithic Village in the Jordan Valley: The Archaeology of Netiv-Hagdud

An Early Neolithic Village in the Jordan Valley Part II: The Fauna of Netiv Hagdud

Arrowheads of the Neolithic Levant: A Seriation Analysis

One Hundred Years of American Archaeology in the Levant: Proceedings of the Asor Centennial Celebration

The Levant: History and Archaeology in the Eastern Mediterranean

Early Urbanizations in the Levant: A Regional Perspective

Domination and Resistance: Egyptian Military Activity in the Southern Levant, Ca. 1300-1185 B.C

Pastoralism in the Levant: Archaeological Materials in Anthropological Perspectives

The Natufian Culture in the Levant

Belmont Castle: The Excavation of a Crusader Stronghold in the Kingdom of Jerusalem

Egypt and the Levant: Interrelations from the 4th Through the Early 3rd Millennium BCE

Archaeology of Jordan

Jordan Past & Present: Petra, Jerash, Amman

Studies in the Archaeology of the Iron Age in Israel and Jordan

Archaeological Survey of the Kerak Plateau

The Balaam Text from Deir Alla Re-Evaluated

Prehistoric Cultural Ecology and Evolution: Insights from Southern Jordan

Excavations at Tell Deir Alla, the Late Bronze Age Sanctuary

Studies on Roman and Islamic Amman

Excavations at Jawa 1972-1986: Stratigraphy, Pottery and Other Finds: Excavations and Explorations in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Excavations at Tell Um Hammad 1982-1984: Early Assemblages (Eb I-II: Excavations and Explorations in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)

Preliminary Reports of Asor-Sponsored Excavations, 1982-85

The Archaeology of Jordan and Beyond

The Archaeology of the Wadi Al-Hasa, West-Central Jordan, Volume 1: Surveys, Settlement Patterns and Paleoenvironments

Archaeology in Jordan

Archaeology of Jordan. Volume II, 1: Field Reports, Surveys and Sites A-K

The Natufian Encampment at Beidha: Excavations at Beidha

Natufian Chipped Lithic

Natufian Culture in the Levant

The Natufian Culture in the Levant

Archaeological Sources for the History of Palestine: The Byzantine Through Late Islamic Periods

History of Ancient Palestine

Archaeology in the Holy Land

Excavation in Palestine

Archaeology of Palestine

The Archaeology of Society in the Holy L

Benchmarks in Time and Culture: An Introduction to Palestinian Archaeology

Shifting Sands: The Rise and Fall of Biblical Archaeology

Daily Life in Biblical Times (Archaeology and Biblical Studies, No. 5.)

Annual of ASOR vol. 56: A Gazeteer of Iron Sites in the North Central Highlands of Palestine; Seven Seasons of ASOR Excavations at Tell Qarqur, Syria

Early History of the Israelite People: From the Written & Archaeological Sources

Archaeology, artefacts and the Bible

Ancient Synagogues: Historical Analysis and Archaeological Discovery

The Archaeology of the Israelite Settlement

The Archaeology of Ancient Israel

Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land

Encyclopaedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land: O-Z

Excavations at Jalame: Site of a Glass Factory in Late Roman Palestine

Houses and Their Furnishings in Bronze Age Palestine: Domestic Activity Areas and Artifact Distribution in the Middle and Late Brozne Ages

Funerary Portraiture of Roman Palestine: An Analysis of the Production in Its Culture: Historical Context

Shiloh: The Danish Excavations at Tall Sailun, Palestine

Burial Patterns and Cultural Diversity in Late Bronze Age Canaan

A Gazetter of Buildings in Muslim Palestine

The Archaeology of the Early Islamic Settlement in Palestine

Scribes and Schools in Monarchic Judah: A Socio-Archeological Approach

The Philistines and Their Material Culture

The Islamic Baths of Palestine

The Balaam Text from Deir Alla Re-Evaluated

Petra: Art, History and Itineraries in the Nabatean Capital

Ceramics and Change in the Early Bronze Age of the Southern Levant

Near Eastern Destruction Datings As Sources for Greek and Near Eastern Iron Age Chronology: Archaeological and Historical Studies: The Cases of Samaria (722 B.C.) and Tarsus (696 B.C.)

Excavations at Tall Jawa, Jordan: The Iron Age Artefacts

Excavations at Tall Jawa, Jordan: The Iron Age Town

The Ancient Jews
The Ancient Jews
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Levant Archaeology Books



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