"10.5" - Mini-Series on NBC

NBC has scheduled its mini-series "10.5" to begin airing on May 2, 9:00 p.m. EST, 8:00 p.m. CST.

The four-hour miniseries stars Kim Delaney as Dr. Samantha Hill, an earthquake expert. Dave Cubitt plays Dr. Jordan Fisher, Hillís supervisor and former boyfriend.

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New Bounty Hunter Series on CBS

Production has begun on "Bounty Hunters," a new CBS series to star Robert Forster, David Cubitt, Ryan Browning, and Lauren Holly. Produced by Spelling along with Terri Hughes and Ron Milbauer, the drama revolves around a bounty hunter (Robert Forester) and his two sons who join the family business. Mr. Cubitt plays one of the sons.

There had been some confusion on a number of entertainment news sites about which bounty hunter series Mr. Cubitt had joined. It had been reported that he was to join "The Catch" at ABC. But the folks involved with "The Catch" have clarified that Mr. Cubitt will appear in the one at CBS.

"Finding John Christmas" to air on CBS November 30

CBS has scheduled its holiday special for Sunday November 30. Finding John Christmas is a sequel to A Town Without Christmas which aired in 2001. It stars Valerie Bertinelli, Peter Falk, David Cubitt, and William Russ

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"From a Place Called War"

FROM A PLACE CALLED WAR -- November, 2003: Alliance Atlantis, History Television, (Canada), The historical events of World War II (1939-1945), seen from a Canadian perspective, highlight this four-part documentary produced for Canadaís History Television in observance of Remembrance Day. Letters and diaries of Canadian soldiers and ordinary Canadian people who experienced the war firsthand are read by actors, including Eric McCormack, Colm Feore, David Cubitt, David James Elliott and Victor Garber. Produced, directed and edited by Wayne Abbott. Airs on CBC.

"John Christmas," A New TV Movie Begins Production In Nova Scotia

July 7th, 2003
David Cubitt is starring in a television movie that has begun production in Nova Scotia. Titled "John Christmas," this story of love, reunion, and redemption is set for broadcast on CBS and also stars Valerie Bertinelli, Peter Falk, and William Russ. In this holiday drama, a newspaper photo of a mysterious man wrapping a shivering dog in a tattered American flag catches the attention and heart of the entire community, especially a woman named Kathleen [Bertinelli] who believes the man to be her brother [Russ], a former fireman hero, who disappeared mysteriously many years before. Mr. Cubitt plays Noah, the newspaper photographer who joins with Kathleen to find the illusive "John Christmas" with the help of an angel [Falk] named Max.

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A Mini-Series Appearance

Nellie Andreeva of The Hollywood Reporter reports that David Cubitt will be starring in an NBC mini-series, to be aired sometime in 2004.

John Schneider, David Cubitt, Fred Ward, Dule Hill, Kaley Cuoco, Rebecca Jenkins, Ivan Sergei and Beau Bridges have joined Kim Delaney in the NBC miniseries "10.5," about a deadly earthquake that hits the West Coast.

The project centers on a seismologist (Delaney) at the University of Washington who discovers a correlation between the early tremors and warns that they will lead to a big one. Cubitt will play her supervisor and former lover.

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New Series on NBC

Not Picked Up. NBC did not pick up EDNY for its 2003 Fall season.

David Cubitt has signed on to join the cast of EDNY (Eastern District New York), a new drama series to premier in the fall of 2003 on NBC. The show is about on office of district attorneys, with actor William Baldwin heading the cast.

Robbery Homocide Division Cancelled

Series Cancelled: CBS has cancelled "Robbery Homocide Division," a police drama about the Los Angeles Police Department's RHD. David Cubitt's character was Detective Richard Barstow. The show airs in reruns on USA Network. For more information and a schedule, visit the USA Network site.

Awards and Nominations

David Cubitt accepting his Gemini Award

For his portrayal of Jack Larkin in the television series Traders, Mr. Cubitt was honored with the 1997 Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role.


Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television
2001 Genie Award Nomination: Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, for "The Perfect Son"

1998 Gemini Award Nomination: Best Actor - Dramatic Program or Miniseries for "Major Crime."


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