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"ReBoot" is one of the wittiest and most techie-clever animated series to come along. ABC aired it as part of its Saturday morning childrens lineup, but the show attracted an appreciative adult audience. The inside jokes were numerous and hilarious. Although ABC dropped the show, "ReBoot" remained in production and continued to be aired in Canada. It aired on the Cartoon Network and on YTV. Eventually, there were four seasons, the most recent in 2001.

Updated 31 August 2005
The ReBoot Cast: Bob, Dot, Enzo, and Frisket
Official Fan Site

Hexidecimal, the multi-faced adversary

Bob, a top level Guardian Program at the Super Computer's Port Authority
Theme and Intro

Megabyte is a virus created by a mischievous computer hacker. The king of corruption, 'invaded' Mainframe by stealth, attached to an innocent word processing program.

Episode Guide

Mouse, the beautiful mercenary
Internet Movie

Dot is the de-facto leader and problem solver of Mainframe

Enzo Matrix, Dot's little brother
Google List

Yahoo List

Phong is the oldest sprite in Mainframe, left over from the days of IBM 360s
Open Directory

Andrala, as an adult sprite

Mike, the TV

Bob the Guardian and Dot Matrix
Slacker's SciFi Source

Mail Lists, Groups, Forums, WebRings
Megabyte, a virus in Megaframe
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Google Group -
ReBoot Web Ring
To Mend and Defend ReBoot Web Ring
Booter Ring
Glitch 007's Webring
The Mainframe Webring
ReBoot Yahoo Group
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Julia Cat's ReBoot Corner
Joe Smith's ReBoot Page
Bob, the Guardian David Francis' ReBoot Page
Boris' Place
ReBoot at TV Tome
Mainframe News Tribune
Glitch's ReBoot Sector
SiliconTor, a ReBoot Fan Site
The Bad Place
ReBoot Humor Community Hall
Most Unofficial ReBoot Page
MainFrame Chaos
Lady Matrix's ReBoot Shrine
Al's Wait and Eat
Enzo's dog, Frisket A Minor Glitch
ReBoot Madness
Slack and Hash's Domain
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Hash's Page o' Stuff
The Mouse Hole
Mainframe Peanut Gallery
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ReBoot at Pazaz Entertainment
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ReHuCoHa Funny Fan Fiction Archive
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Julia Cat's ReBoot Corner Fan Fiction

Windows Themes at Themeworld at Themeworld at Themeworld at Themeworld

Hexadecimal, a virus in Mainframe
ReBoot Merchandise at SciFi Continuum
ReBoot Toys at Toy Mania

Wizards and Warriors (VHS)
Medusa Bug (VHS)
Talent Night (VHS)
Great Brain Robbery (VHS)
Frisket Takes Command (book)
Food for Frisket (book)
The Tiff (book)
Mail Lists, Groups, Forums, WebRings
Fan Fiction
Windows Themes
The ReBoot cast
Hexidecimal, a virus with an array of masks of different expressions that she changes to suit her mood
ReBoot Art and Animation
Bob, as he returns to Mainframe
Hack and Slash, Megabyte's muscle machines
AndrAIa, a young girl Game Sprite
Matrix is Enzo all grown up
Dot Matrix, sister to Enzo
Megabyte, a virus with designs to take over Mainframe
Bob the Guardian and Dot Matrix

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