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When the entire cast of Pensacola: Wings of Gold was not re-contracted, except for executive producer Brolin, the fans lost a great group of friends, special friends who cannot be replaced.

The Sea Dragons

Colonel Kelly has a two-sided relationship with Bobby. On one, he is Bobby's commanding officer; on the other, he is learning to appreciate Bobby as he would a son.
Col. Kelly and 1st Lt. Bobby GriffinKelly and Bobby in a two-seaterKelly helping an injured BobbyKelly relying on Bobby
Bobby finds himself working in the shadow of a legend, a legend who is his commanding officer and the father of his girlfriend. It is a delicate balancing act, and Bobby is not always so subtle.
Rod Rowland who played 1st Lt. Robert Griffin was not contracted for the second season.

Janine Kelly, Col. Kelly's daughter Bill Kelly had not been the closest of parents when his daughter Janine was young. Their relationship is strained. He does not know how to apologize; she does not know how to forgive. Janine and her father Yet as they increasingly encounter those moments of conflict, he begins to mellow and she starts to mature. Each grows more dependent on the other. Daughter and father dancing
Kristanna Loken who played Janine Kelly was not contracted for the second season.

Valerie Dr.Valerie West is a doctor at the N.A.S. hosital and she has attracted Kelly's attention. Initially, he seeks her advice to help him with his daughter Janine. Soon, he seeks her out for the slightest pretense, and eventually, their affections for one another grow.   Colonel Hodges is Kelly's commanding officer and the driving force behind the Sea Dragons. She is solid, fair, and well aware of what it takes to be a Marine. Rebecca Hodges is a wonderful character who seems to serve as a pivot point for Kelly and his Sea Dragons. Col. Rebecca Hodges
Leslie Hardy who played Valerie was not contracted for the second season.   Brynn Thayer who played Colonel Rebecca Hodges was not contracted for the second season. She is the founder of ZazAngels, a foundation to battle ALS.

Christopher and his father Wendell has a loving relationship with his son Christopher, but he is unable to be a full-time father. His devotion to his son and his love for the Sea Dragons unit often tug on opposite ends of his loyalties and his sense of duty.
 2nd Lt. Christopher McCrayWendell and his son
Rodney Van Johnson who played 1st Lt. Wendell McCray was not contracted for the second season.

Janine and Bobby Although the relationship between Janine and Bobby began in a blind driving desire for one another, it has finally run its course. She is less interested in challenging her father by attaching herself to a man under his command and more interested in developing herself as an independent woman. She takes on her own apartment to take her first steps toward mature independence, and she starts college to earn an education. The two do remain loyal to one another as friends and companions. There is nothing either would not do for the other. Janine and Bobby

A.J. and Annalisa in the quiet of the hangar The most endearing relationship of Pensacola: Wings of Gold is the one which puts Annalisa and A.J. an a collision course with the truth about the dynamics between them. In the beginning, A.J. sees her as a woman before he sees her as a fellow Marine, but Annalisa is not so easily niched and this bothers him. For her part, she is annoyed with his awkward method of dealing with her, and when she learns how to "pluck his wires," she does so at every opportunity. Eventually, they realize that what has been going on underneath the friendly animosity is romance. A.J. and Annalisa
Neither Kathryn Morris who played 1st Lt. Annalisa Lindstrom nor Salvator Xuereb who played 1st Lt. A.J. Conaway were contracted for the second season.

With the final moments of the first season, every fan was eager for more of Bobby, Wendell, A.J., Annalisa, Valerie, Janine, and Kelly. No one imagined that the two-minute piece showing each Sea Dragon would be the last we would ever see of all of them.

Farewell:  Background music to the final moments of the first season

Wendell, with his son and Halley...
Bobby and the Flight Instructor Recruiter...
A.J. and Annalisa...

There has never been an explanation about the cast firings; no reason has been given. Thus, the fans who appreciate the warm character dynamics, the action, the humor, and all the eagerly anticipated storylines now have only a multitude of "original cast" web sites, video tapes, and memories to keep the Sea Dragons an active unit.



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