Many Things Vampire

Updated 28 Dec 2005

Links for Literature

P.N. Elrod ... vampire writer!
Official Anne Rice Web Site
The Vampire Connection: Your Anne Rice Link Directory
Nigel Bennett
Laurell K. Hamilton
Gail Peterson
Pam Keesey
Vampire Library
Darren Shan
The Vampire Codex
Vampire Earth
Vampire Myths in Fiction

Vampire Links

Your Vampire Name Generator
The World of Vampires
Vampire: The Masquerade Action Figures -- a Review
Planet Vampire - Join the Masquerade
Council of Vampiric Affairs
Vampire Church
Vampire Radio
Temple of the Vampire
Vampire's Vault
Vampire Junction
Vampire Realm of Darkness
Vampires Among Us
Vampires and Slayers
Vampire: The Masquerade WWW site in France
Genealogy of the Vampires in the World of Darkness
Vampyres Online
Vampire: The Masquerade
Vampire: The Masquerade
Kindred's Domain
Patmans' Gateway to the World of Darkness
Blood Shadows
Vampire's Crypt - Fiction, Reviews, Poetry
Everything You Need to Know About Vampires
Vampires in Myth and History
Human/Vampire Compatibility Test
The Vampire Empire
Vampire Donor Alliance
The Real Vampire Directory
Vampire Evolution
The Highgate Vampire
Darkness Embraced Vampire and Occult Society

Links for Vampires on Film and TV

Forever Knight
The Little Vampire
Interview With a Vampire
Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel Episode Guides
The Buffy Guide
Blade 2
Blade Trinity
God of Vampires
Queen of the Damned
Vampire Hunter D


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