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Updated 28 June 2003
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Julian Luna, Prince of the City, Ventrue vampire; played by Mark Frankel
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Sasha, Julian's niece, forcefully embraced by a Brujah, lover of Cash; played by Brigid Walsh

Julian Luna, leading the clans in a showdown with the Brujah; played by Mark Frankel
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Lillie Langtry, owner of the Haven night club, long-time lover of Julian, Toreador vampire and clan primogen; played by Stacy Haiduk
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White Wolf Logo; also etched into the window on the door to Julian's mansion
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Alexandra Serris, Julian's ex-lover who falls in love with a human police detective Frank Kohanek; played by Kate Vernon

Archon Raine, former Prince of the City who handed control over to Julian; played by Patrick Bauchau
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Daedalus, Nosferatu vampire and clan primogen, friend to Julian and the Prince's Enforcer; played by Jeff Kober
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Sasha, Julian's 'niece'; played by Brigid Walsh
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Alexandra; played by Kate Vernon
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Julian Luna in a rare daylight appearance; played by Mark Frankel

Mail Lists, Groups, Forums, Web Rings

Kindred: the Embraced Yahoo Group
Archon awaiting the blow from Cameron Kindred: the Embraced Fan Fiction Yahoo Group
"All Around You" Fan Fiction Yahoo Group Google Group

Fan Links

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Cast and Production Staff

C.Thomas Howell Website
C.Thomas Howell Online
C.Thomas Howell Zone
Howeller's Roost -- C. Thomas Howell Web Site
C. Thomas Howell at IMDB
Channon Roe -- A Photo Essay
Channon Roe Appreciation Page
Channon Roe at IMDB
Channon Roe
Blithe's Channon Roe Site
Stacy Haiduk at IMDB
Brigid Brannaugh Appreciation Page
Brigid Conley Walsh at IMDB
Brian Thompson Page
Meet Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson at IMDB
Mark Frankel Profile and Gallery
Mark Frankel Appreciation Page
Mark Frankel Pages
Mark Frankel
Mark Frankel at IMDB
Patrick Bauchau Web Site
Patrick Bauchau at IMDB
Kelly Rutherford at IMDB
Kelly Rutherford Unofficial Home Page
Erik King at IMDB
Jeff Kober at IMDB
Jeff Kober Tribute Page
Jeff Kober Film & TV Review

Mark Frankel who played Julian Luna Mark Frankel lost his life as the result of a motorcycle accident in 1996. The Mark Frankel page contains news, interviews, obituaries, tributes, and dedications. Please visit. A Toreador rose

Fan Fiction

Kindred Fan Fic
Kindred Fan Fiction
Vampire: the Masquerade Fan Fiction
Kindred Fan Fiction
Kindred: the Embraced Fan Fiction Message List and Community
Kindred: The Embraced Fan Fiction
Chapter 1: Fan Fiction: Kindred the Embraced Archives German
Julian Luna, as Archon's Enforcer, played by Mark Frankel
Frank Kohanek, a police detective obsessed with the mysterious Julian Luna; played by C. Thomas Howell
Alexandra Serris, Ventrue vampire, former lover of Julian, current lover to Frank; played by Kate Vernon
Sonny, Frank Kohanek's partner, and unbeknown to Kohanek, a Ventrue vampire loyal to the Prince of the City; played by Erik King
Archon Raine, mentor to Julian and a Ventrue vampire, played by Patrick Bauchau
Lillie Langtry, the alluring and seductive Toreador vampire, played by Stacy Haiduk
Goth, renegade Nosferatu vampire
Julian Luna, in a state of frenzy
The Assamite assassin
Alexandra Serris and Frank Kohanek, played by Kate Vernon and C. Thomas Howell
Cash, played byChannon Roe
Eddie Fiori, Brujah Primogen, played by Brian Thompson

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