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Please enjoy some sound bites and passages from the show. This page includes dialog from the various Kindred -- Julian, Archon, Lillie, Daedalus, and others. There are also dialog samples that describe the various clans. If you like, please download them for your own personal use.

Archon, Julian's sire
Archon: "Our blood is one. So's our spirit. Lead them far, Julian."
Archon: "I was Prince of the City for a very long time, Gangrel. I think I know how to control the clans."
Archon to Cameron: "All these years I've been failing to reach the light. I never realized what held me back. It was not lack of age or wisdom, but the weight of my past. The bloodshed, the killings, the vendettas, like the one I called against your clansmen."
Julian: "Your morality doesn't apply to us. I am the law among my kind -- the judge, the jury, and the executioner."
Julian: "I'm the Prince of the City; you have violated my laws."
Julian: "We have a traitor among us."
Julian: "You should be careful what you wish for or you may get it."
Julian Luna, Prince of the City, frenzied

Sonny to Frank: "We're all around you."
Goth: "The moon, Prince Julian, it beckons."
Caitlin: "Who are you, Mr. Luna?"
Frank Kohanek, Detective
Julian: "We have Kindred in every walk of life, Frank. We're all around you."
Lillie: "I'm Kindred. It's not so bad being here with me is it?" Frank: "Not until you get hungry." Lillie: "You might like it."
A memory of Alexandra in her locket
Alexandra to Julian: "This is your vengeance against me...served as cold as your heart."
Alexandra about Julian: "He likes to stay in the shadows."
Whitewolf howl
Video Clip (754kb) Frank encounters Eddie
Julian's final moment with Alexandra

Cash: "He's dangerous, Sasha. He's going over the edge, and he's gonna drag you down." Sasha: "So what? I'm already dead."
Sasha: "I can't imagine you Gangrels are too upset about Eddie and his bodyguards being blown away." Cash: "Yeah, it's too bad about Eddie. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy."
Cash to Sasha: "I don't have any time left to play games with you. I don't care about the blood between us. You love me and I love you and that's just the way it is."
Sasha and Cash - Romeo and Juliet
Cash, Julian's bodyguard and the Gangrel Primogen
Video Clip (450kb) Cash reports that Sasha has been embraced

Cash: "Nice frame. Tough as hell. Timing's real good. Runs a little hot. I may need to prime it from time to time."
Cash: "I'm from gypsy blood. We stick close together."
Sasha and Cash
Sasha, Julian's niece
Sasha: "My mother always told me: 'Never stare at the sun.' Well, now I wish I did. That way it'd be burned into my memory."
Zane: "I like the night. I like the moon. It's subtle and it's harsh." Sasha: "Well, the night makes everything look dead." Zane: "Not dead. Different. The colors are brighter. They burst out at you."
Sasha, Julian's niece

  Lillie Langtry, Toreador Primogen, owner of The Haven, longtime lover of Julian
Lillie: "Whatever you humans fear you hunt down as freaks and monsters. Put 'em in a cage -- oh! or better yet -- burn them at the stake."
Lillie: "They don't kiss your hand because of your kind heart, Julian. The only reason you hold the clans together is because they fear you." Julian: "They should fear you."
Lillie and Julian, a kiss for her Prince
Julian Luna
Julian: "Well said, Sasha."
Julian: "We call ourselves Kindred. Vampire is a word humans invented. They needed a name for their fears in the night."
Julian: "You know, Lillie, if you hadn't been the one who sired him, I'd have killed him by now. I want him out of town tonight."
Julian to Sasha: "Then stay right here. We'll be together forever."
Julian: "We're all around you."
Video Clip (659kb) Julian readies for battle with Goth

Cameron: "So...Julian Luna is the only man for you?" Lillie: "Oh, I never said that." Cameron: " give me hope." Lillie: "You think you're ready for me, Brujah?" Cameron: "I plan to find out."
Cameron, the new Brujah Primogen


Daedalus, the Nosferatu Primogen
Daedalus: "It's like a Kindred disease, this hopeless desire for humans."
Lillie: "The years, Daedalus, do you ever feel them?" Daedalus: "Some we live; others we endure. Time heals, but it also destroys, even Kindred."
Julian to Daedalus: "Whatever happens I want you to know I've always admired you. I consider you my closest friend."


Caitlin: "Who are you?!" Camilla: "I am Kindred. Clan Nosferatu. My name is Camilla." Caitlin: "Are you human?" Camilla: "No, but I am part of you."
Camilla: "In our world, a child is the most precious thing. Maybe that's because we are unable to have them."
Julian to Camilla: "When she grows up, she'll have a touch of the wild."
Camilla, long-time partner of Goth
Zane, Lillie's doomed protege
Zane: "You're only free when you step over the edge."
Zane: "Night is your friend now." Grace: "I'm afraid." Zane: "Nothing to be afraid of. You're alive now. Rock and roll!"
Zane: "That's my attitude: live hard, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse."
Zane: "My grandmother used to tell me that we all have a black dog and white dog inside of us. The one you feed the most eventually eats the other one."

Zane: "Doped up in the dark, leanin' against an alley wall, I was cryin', I was waitin' to die. But I was found by a lilly that blooms in the night. Could've turned out the lights and gone insane. Would've burned out and gone down with my pain if she hadn't led me to the music on the other side."
Zane, Lillie's doomed protege


Eddie to Cyrus: "Everything I know I learned from you. That's how I know you're setting me up....I'd do the same."
Julian: "Don't test me, Eddie. There's an end to my patience."
Julian: "Understand this, Eddie, you exist only because I allow it."
Eddie Fiori, Brujah Primogen


Cyrus: "You see, Eddie, it's like chess. You make a move here; you make a move there, and all of a sudden -- wheet! -- you got the king."
Cyrus, the Prince of L.A.


Grace: "Am I dead?" Julian: "You're Kindred now." Grace: "Kindred?" Julian: "We're a secret and ancient breed set apart from Man. We're the other side of life."
Grace, embraced against her will


The Prince of the City
Julian: "Death is where you belong. It's the only place you'll ever find peace."
Julian: "Of course, the power you gain by sacrificing a prince is nothing compared to the power you gain by defeating one."
Julian: "You will never destroy another life."
Julian: "I lead by the law, Brujah. That's the only reason you live. Just remember: Kindred law's harsh. Step wrong even once, and you'll get the same justice you gave my sire."
Julian to Eddie: "You will give me Sasha, and you will give me the head of the Brujah who took her by this time tomorrow or I'll have your head one moment later."

Vampire the Masquerade
Julian: "Violence endangers The Masquerade. I want it to stop."
Julian: "The commandment against the killing of humans protects The Masquerade. Whoever breaks it, their life is forfeit."
Cash: "Humans can never know we're here. It's The Masquerade. Without it, they'd hunt us down until we were dead."
Lillie to Zane: "Our clan survives by The Masquerade. We are protected by our ability to move among humans. You keep this up and you will destroy us."
Julian: "Our laws were created to protect The Masquerade. We do not bend the rules for heroes and legends...or even loved ones."

The Ventrue Clan
Zane: "Ventrue are bankers and politicians, suits with sharp teeth. How could he understand? The only thing he knows is power...and control."
Goth: "Spoken like a real Ventrue, clan of the human lackeys."

The Toreador Clan
Julian to Lillie: "You have all the beauty of the Toreador clan, but you're as relentless as the Nosferatu."
Zane: "We are Toreador. Music was created by us!"
Lillie: "Toreador. We're the sexy ones. We like to entertain."
Lillie: "The Toreador clan are artists. Like any artist, we want our creation to last forever."
Julian: "You know they say women from the Toreador clan are dangerous. That they're sirens. They have the power to make men want them beyond reason." Lillie and Julian

The Gangrel Clan
Eddie: "Gangrels are always fighting amongst themselves. They're like animals."
Eddie: "Gangrels are animals and gypsies. They recognize no authority."

The Nosferatu Clan
Daedalus: "The Nosferatu clan remains loyal to our Prince."
Daedalus: "The Nosferatu don't take sides in any war. That will never change."
Julian to Frank: "We've got a clan, the Nosferatu, very ancient and cunning. When they become savage, they're more dangerous than any Kindred." The ancient Nosferatu

The Brujah Clan

Daedalus: "The Brujah never listen to reason; they only understand carnage."

The Assamite Clan
Cyrus: "You ever work with the Assamites before?" Eddie: "No." Cyrus: "No one knows where they come from. But remember this: Once you send them in, you can't call them back. No one can."
Cyrus: "Amazing thing about Assamites: they're chameleons. They can shapeshift into anything. Did you know that? They're deadly. Not because they're stronger, not because they got bigger guns, none of that stuff. They get close. They can be your mother, your brother, your lover. Or even some broad you picked up at the bar."


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