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The Haven  
  The Haven is one of Lillie's clubs. It is a haven, a neutral ground where clans must restrain any rivalries and at least pretend to respect one another. People come to The Haven to experience the exciting music of burgeoning talent and to immerse themselves in an atmosphere that cannot quite be defined.

The Haven is featured in nearly every episode. With its sensuous atmosphere and stirring music, the club attracts the wealthy, the lonely, the pleasure-seeking -- Kindred and human alike, and they arrive in limosenes, by motorcycle, and even on foot. Maybe some even fly.

Sasha dancing with a Brujah
Lillie prides herself on the fine and beautiful talent that she brings to The Haven's patrons. She especially likes to showcase talent that she discovers.
"It's a long hard road from creation to the grave.
Too many lost souls down here. Too few of them are saved.
It's a real big picture starring one and all.
Everyone here will play the fool. Everyone will crawl. Everyone will crawl.

I dreamed I was flying. I dreamed I was found
beyond the barbed wire, high above the underground.
I dreamed I was flying. I dreamed I was free,
flying higher and higher as the world fell below me."

Everyone Will Crawl 1995 Sony Tunes / Sextunes Music / WB Music / NYM PressmenCherryMusic.
Written by Charlie Sexton and Tonio K.

A recently embraced Sasha with her
Brujah clan
"There is a house in New Orleans they call the Rising Sun.
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy.
And God I know I'm one."


Toreador and Ventrue Kindred at
The Haven: Lillie Langtry, Julian
Luna, and Archon Raine
Cash leads some of his Gangrels down
the wide stairs into The Haven

A crowd cheers the band


Music in the Haven

Music heard in the Haven can be located on these CDs.

Charlie Sexton Sextet
"Under the Wishing Tree"

Leonard Cohen
"The Future"

"Paint the Sky With Stars"

Alannah Myles

Lisa Tingle
"Black Pearl"

Lisa Tingle
"In the Water"
Luther Allison
"Blue Streak"


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