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Jeff Kober as Daedalus

Updated 21 May 2002


Educated and erudite, Daedalus is the Nosferatu Primogen and the Prince's Enforcer. When the Prince seeks advice, he seeks Daedalus, for he holds Daedalus as his truest friend. When he has a task to be executed quickly and discreetly, he calls on Daedalus, a creature who can flash vicious and violent in an instant. Daedalus can kill. He can execute, and when the tempation to feed on blood is strong, he will give in. It is in his clan nature.

Daedalus' clan is extremely old, and Daedalus himself may be as well. He is perceptive and compassionate beyond measure. He carries a great burden for humans, especially those who are alone and helpless. It is Daedalus who lurks in the shadows to protect and love such humans, but his compassion carries him into his own personal isolation and pain, the kind that he seeks to alleviate within others. He protects a child from a predatory Kindred. He touches the heart of a singer whose pain haunts her voice. He takes Alexandra to the water where she can go to her final death on her own, saving her from the violence of the Blood Hunt.

His compassion for humans is also an abberation among his kind. Nosferatu care little for the business and squabbles of the other clans. In fact, they care little for the other clans entirely. Most of all, however, they care little for humans. As the clan possessing the least human physical characteristics, the Nosferatu prefer to live away from humans, isolated and in secret. Daedalus compromises, living in secret, underground on the Prince's compound where he expresses himself in his art, dabbles in alchemy, and appreciates a fine wine now and then.

Jeff Kober

Jeff Kober seems to have a pragmatic way to characterize his career history. "I was a pretty good rancher (in Montana), a fairly decent corn-dog salesman in a carnival, a very marginal guitar player and a thoroughly lousy waiter." So he took up acting out of sheer necessity.

Born and raised in Billings, Montana, Jeff Kober worked hard at raising Black Angus cattle and sugar beets, but after his English teacher introduced him to literature -- especially Shakespeare, he knew Montana was going to be left behind. After working at the ranch, he would sit down at night and talk with the dogs like the other cowboys; he would drink wine like the other cowboys, but no one but Kober would read Nietzsche.

Following a girlfriend who had moved to Los Angeles, Kober tried out acting classes, studying with Maria Gobetti of the Gobetti Acting Studio. There, he made a discovery: Acting helped him learn to be in touch with his feelings. It helped him feel alive, and he has been acting steadily ever since, starting out with guest appearances, a small regular role on "Falcon Crest" to what many see as his signature role: Dodger of "China Beach." Dodger was to have made a single appearance in the series pilot, but Kober played the sensitive battle-weary Marine with such compassion and pain that Dodger was written into the series.

His next memorable role is that of the Nosferatu Primogen Daedalus in "Kindred: the Embraced." Like Dodger, Daedalus was a soldier -- the Prince's Enforcer. He was also keen to the plight of humans, especially those in pain and sorrow. That anguish was made manifest in the paintings that Daedalus created in his home underneath the Prince's mansion. In fact, it was Jeff Kober himself who painted the artwork of Daedalus.

Jeff Kober is a busy actor these days, with three movies for 2002. He is currently married to Kelley Cutrone and has a son with his first wife Rhonda Talbot.


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