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Patrick Bauchau as Archon Raine

Updated 21 May 2002

Archon Raine

Archon Raine is the Ventrue Primogen and former Prince of San Francisco.

As a wealthy businessman in the wine country, Archon had befriended Julian Luna, and when Julian thought he could no longer live after the death of his wife in 1856, Archon embraced him, bringing him into his Ventrue clan. Archon then began his move to the Princehood of San Francisco. With Julian as his Enforcer, Archon ruled the city with a strong hand during the Clan War, holding his place and establishing a forced peace among the clans during that bloody and violent period. He has now turned over the role of Prince to his protégé, Julian Luna, to whom he continues to act as advisor and mentor.

Patrick Bauchau

Patrick Bauchau (pronounced "beau-show") was born in Brussels, Belgium on December 6, 1938 to a Belgian writer who served in the Belgian underground during WWII, and a Russian expatriate. Mr. Bauchau and his two brothers grew up in Belgium, Switzerland and England, and it was at an early age that he began to develop the charm and manner that would later be described as urbane, sophisticated, and cosmopolitan. Mr. Bauchau earned a degree in Modern Languages at Oxford University on an academic scholarship and speaks French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, plus a little Russian and Flemish.

His career in the film industry began in the 1960s in the French New Wave cinema when he worked as a runner then moved into acting roles. Except for a brief period in the 1970s when he took a break from acting, his acting career continues to the present, and he divides his time between the U.S. and elsewhere, appearing in a wide variety of movies and television roles, with the best known being Sydney in the series "The Pretender."

Mr. Bauchau enjoyes carpentry, collecting oriental art, and yoga. Yet, his great passion is gardening. He devotes many hours and much energy to the flowers, plants, and trees in the private garden at his home in Los Angeles. His wife is French actress Mijanou Bardot, sister to Brigitte Bardot, and they have one adult daughter, Camille.


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