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In this dramatic TV series, Mr. Cubitt was a guest star in episode "Dod Kalm" playing Captain Barclay, the commander of a military vessel whose crew is jumping ship.
  Barclay: "This is mutiny!" Lt. Harper: "No, sir. It's survival." Barclay: "They'll come for us! They're sending help." Lt. Harper: "By the time they get here, it'll be too late. It may already be too late." Barclay: "Don't do this. That's an order!"
  Barclay: "It came up through the fog in the middle of the night like it was on fire." Scully: "Do you have any idea what it might have been?" Barclay: "Power loss. Everything stopped. Everything. Even the sea. Even the wind. Then the ship -- my ship -- she began to bleed from the hull, near the rivet seams."
  "What can you do? You can't do anything. I'm 35 years old."
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