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Mr. Cubitt was a guest star in this TV series, playing a recurring character named J.T. Gold for three episodes. J.T. runs a youth center and meets up with Lydia DeLucca, played by Heather Paige Kent, when she volunteers for community service at the center.
  "Hi. J.T. Gold. How ya doing there, Feisty?"
  "If that's what you think this is about, then you're the one with the ego."
  "Yeah, I do know where our funding comes from -- taxpayers. Now here's my question: How come our taxes can pay for your business lunches, but not for breakfast for two dozen kids who wouldn't get it otherwise?"

  "A little overdue. But I can pay it if I don't pay the phone bill or, uh, or my salary for the next month. You know what? Why even pay the lease on this dump? We could just put up a big cardboard box in the park, huddle together for warmth, and pee in tin cans. Presto! No utilities."

  "I love you! I love you! I mean that in the most generic way possible."
  "There's a reason I wanted to work with kids. Not everyone grows up in a nice house with a nice family to pull you out of a building that's going to get knocked down, ya know. I figured: Who better to stop kids from becoming like me than me."

  "You're not my girlfriend. You're an employee. Not even -- you're a volunteer. Mind your own business."

  "When I was in third grade, I was taken out of my normal class and put in with special kids. I can still remember walking down the hallway."
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