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Swann focuses on the precious nature of literature, poetry, and other literary works and the need to preserve them. In this movie, Mr. Cubitt plays Brownie who owns a bookshop plus a pulp business that destroys books. His girlfriend, Sarah Maloney played by Miranda Richardson, is a best selling author currently researching the life of a poet Mary Swann who had been murdered by her own abusive husband. As Sarah breaks off her relationship with Brownie, he refuses to accept her decision and becomes ever more possessive and destructive.


  Brownie: "We're gonna set up a special section for those." Clerk: "We're going to sell comic books?"" Brownie: "Those are worth about two grand. They're big money. We'll corner the market. A first edition's a first edition. Cater to collectors. I got my father's nose."

  Brownie: "This guy Neal in New York, he's in the bulk end of the business doing a million a month. " Woman at Party: "The bulk end of the business?" Brownie: "Yeah. Remainders." Woman at Party: "Book shredding?" Brownie: "Yeah. You buy the books for two cents a pound and sell the pulp for four. It's a nice easy double." Woman at Party: "You mean you want to get into book shredding?" Brownie: "Ya's gotta eat."

  "I always knew there was money in books!"

  "Two tickets to Neil Young, Row C. And ah...two mint copies of Mary Swann's book. Don't ask. And this flower's for you."

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