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In the episode "Tenement," Mr. Cubitt played Kyle Vance, a club owner who has inherited a tenement in dire need of repairs. Led by Alex Moreau, the tenants take him to court, and the judgment is that he must live in his own building until the repairs are made. But something dwells in the building, and Alex begins to understand what it is and how it will take Kyle as its own.

  "Come on. I don't know. Bring over take-out. We can be alone together in this great big house. We can feed each other moo-shoo. Honey, I know there's a club opening tonight. It's my club!"

  Kyle: "Ohmigod, I'm going out of my mind." Alex: "No. Whatever you saw was real enough. For whatever reason, these spirits are returning to recreate past events for your benefit." Kyle: "Spirits? Recreations? What -- what do you know about all that stuff? I thought you were a social worker."

  "What the hell's going on here. There were two dead bodies right there. A man and a woman. I swear it!"

  "Because he stuck this stupid stipulation in his will. Every heir who takes over the family empire has to maintain this grungy rat-trap or the trust fund gets forfeited."

  "My father...there was a lot of pain in his eyes. Lot of suffering. It's cosmic justice, I guess. He dished out enough pain in his life. I think he thought I was going to be just like him. Some role model, huh? Everyone hated his guts."
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