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Dark Matters
In the episode "Dark Matters," Mr. Cubitt played Kevin Stein, a crewmember on a military spacecraft trapped in a dimension from which even death offers no escape. His brother, played by John Heard, discovers the bodies of the crew and is visited by the ghostly vision of Kevin, who eventually helps him resolve conflicts of the past and the present.

  "You know, I've been waiting ten years to tell you something: Screw you too!"

  "Force plasma injection the hyperdrive. Use your chemical rockets to ignite the plasma. Jump-start your engines."
  "Not much time, Paulie. I'm going somewhere. I don't know where, but that's why I went into space in the first place. Right?"
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In the episode "Sarcophagus," Mr. Cubitt played Curtis Grainger, an archeaologist married to another archeaologist. He has always accompanied her on her projects, with their marriage taking a backseat to her career. Then she uncovers the find of a career, a discovery that changes their lives forever.

  "You're jealous. I just figured out why you're mad. That sack of bones down there is a thousand times more important to you than it is to me, but it made contact with me, not you. You're mad."

  "What if it's able to exist in two different states? One, the way we found it: dormant, encased in an organic life-sustaining shell; the other: an active living state. And the transition occurs when the shell liquifies and gets re-absorbed into the skeletal structure. In essence, the organism reconstitutes itself out of its own distilled raw material."
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Patient Zero
In the episode "Patient Zero," Mr. Cubitt played Col. Faber, one of the few survivors of a plague that wiped out most of the Earth's population and threatens to finish off those who are left. In an attempt to reverse the plague, these survivors use the remaining resources to construct a device to travel back in time. The goal: to locate and assassinate Patient Zero, the first person to come into contact with all the DNA fragments that combine to evolve into the plague.
  "You know what I can't stop thinking about? Don't laugh. The cake at your wedding. That was the best damn cake I ever tasted."
  Faber: "Something did change, but not what we planned." Beckett: "Something's happened? Something different than the plague?" Faber: " Plague still happened." Beckett: "That's not possible. I stopped it." Faber: "You didn't stop it, Beck. Three pieces of DNA had to come together in an exhange of bodily fluids. It was necessary for the DNA virus to migrate to the host." Beckett: "OK. I know all that, but the girl never came in contact with the doctor." Faber: "No, she didn't. The girl didn't, Beck, but you did."
  Quisling: "What do you think happened? Where's Col. Becket?" Faber: "If we had kept the portal open longer--" Quisling: "We kept the portal open as long as we could. We couldn't risk burning the energy cells." Faber: "We stranded him there in the past." Technician: "Look, he obviously failed his assignment." Faber: "If Becket failed, something happened we didn't plan on. The mission must have gone wrong somehow." Technician: "Well, that doesn't help us, does it?" Faber: "Send me back." Technician: "And squander the power we have left?" Quisling: "Go on, Colonel." Faber: "If Becket's been hurt or killed, I'll finish the mission." Quisling: "All right. But Colonel, if you fail..." Faber: "I won't fail."
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