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In this made-for-TV movie, Mr. Cubitt has a brief role playing Ethan, the brother of Will Hallowell (played by Keith Carradine) who plans to stake his claim in 1768 Maine. Ethan disappoints his brother when he chooses to take a mapping expedition in the Ohio wilderness instead of helping his brother and his family stake their claim and move onto the land. This film is also known as "Keeping the Promise."

  Anne: "What brings you here now?" Ethan: "News. Good news." Anne: "Tell me!" Ethan: "No, I'll wait for Will and I'll say it once." Anne: "Are you marrying then?" Ethan: "No, I had my chance at that once and lost it."

  Ethan: "I've been hired on for an expedition into the Ohio wilderness, making maps." Will: "When?" Ethan: "I'm on my way now. A year's work. What a journey. New land. New tribes." Will: "Now." Ethan: "I won't be able to bring your family to you in June."

  Ethan: "I''m sorry, Will. If you lose the claim, I'll pay you back when I return...I'll be going." Will: "Keep your hair on." Ethan: "Do my best."

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