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Mr. Cubitt starred in this TV series as Doug Roach, a CIA agent with a quick grin and long reputation. Although he admits longing for a solid relationship, he knows his career comes first and will always interfere. Still, he is intrigued with the newest Vice Counsel, Emma Brody, played by Arija Bareikis. The show follows the adventures of the staff at the American Embassy in London, where the series was filmed.

  Doug: "We had a confirmed sighting north of Paris. This is the one we think is their leader." Westerman: "Who's been notified?" Doug: "Pretty much everyone except my mother and the press." Westerman: "No offense to your mother, but let's keep it that way."
  Doug: "You just looked like you needed something." Emma: "My needs are being met, just fine, thank you very much. " Doug: "After this morning, I guess we all know how." Emma: "That's a cheap shot coming from a guy who notches his bedpost." Doug: "You see -- it is about that Liz thing. I knew it."
  Doug: "What are you trying to prove? Hand it over to the police." Emma: "If I do that, then the kid is arrested." Doug: "Then the kid gets arrested. Let him handle it himself, or the school, or his mother. But the one thing you don't do is go. OK? Trust me. Don't believe your own press. It's not worth it."
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